Serious Event Management

HI everyone! Beaver Bank has long been a close-knit community. We look out for each other, we check on our neighbours and we never shy away from lending a hand. In collaboration with the Beaver Bank Volunteer Fire Dept, and the Beaver Bank Awareness Association, the Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre would like to expand our community supports. We are calling on our community to join forces with us and create a Community Serious Event Management Team.

What do we need from you? Do you have a resource you think might be helpful after a serious event like a weather storm, infrastructure failure etc? Please let us know! We are looking for everything from heavy equipment like back hoes and excavators right to chainsaws, ATV’s, snow mobiles and more. We are also looking to create a list of qualified specialists in our community such as small engine repair persons, tree removal services etc. You can fill out our form here or you can call us at 902-865-5114

What do we do with this info? The BBKCC and BBCAA will compile al list of resources available in our community for emergency response. Your information will be kept private but you may be called or contacted in the event of an emergency where one of the resources you have available is required.

What if I need help? As always in the event of an emergency in your home such as fire, medical emergency etc please CALL 911. The BBKCC may open as a comfort station after major weather events or community emergencies. You will then be able to come and charge devices, get clean water, coffee, snacks and warm up/ cool down.

Are you or someone you know living alone, aging or vulnerable? We will also create a phone tree and offer wellness checks in the event of a large weather event or community emergency. You can add yourself, or your loved ones, to this list here or by calling 902-865-5114.

Large weather events and localized emergencies are becoming more common and we want to make sure our community is prepared! If you have any questions please reach out! 902-865-5114 On the web at :