Summer Day Camp 

Download the registration form and camp policies for 2024 below! 

Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre

Camp Policies


Registration and Payment Policy

The BBKCC reserves the right to decline individual attendance at camp if balances on an account have not been paid. If payment for a registered week is not made at the time it is due, the seat may be made available to other community members. BBKCC is not required to sign a child in at the beginning of the week, or day, if their registration fee has not been paid. Any charges accrued by the BBKCC for NSF cheques will become the responsibility of the registrant, and the amount will be applied to their account with us.

50% of total cost is due at the time of registration. The remaining balance is due June 21st 2024.

Cancellations made two weeks or less in advance will not be refunded.  If you register for any week after June 30th, the balance is due at the time of registration.


Parents/guardians must enter the building with their child and record their presence on the sign in. At the end of the day, parents will record that they have picked up their child by signing the form again. Children will not be released into the care of any individual other than a parent/guardian. Arrangements must be made with Summer Camp Staff at sign in if someone other than the parent/guardian will be signing out their child.

Parents/guardians are responsible for picking up their children no later than 4:30 p.m. If pick up occurs after this time late charges will apply at the rate of $5.00 per 10 minute increment (pick-up after 4:30 p.m. costing $5.00, pickup after 4:40 p.m. costing $10.00, etc.) If known prior to pick-up that the pick-up will be late, parents/guardians can either arrange for another individual to pick-up their children.

If your child will be absent from Summer Camp on a day that they are registered call 902-865-5114 and leave a message, or email indicating the name of your child and the day that they will be absent. If your child is not in attendance, we will phone your home to confirm their absence. Refunds will not be given for missed days , or weeks, without 2 weeks notice.


Please note we have the right to refuse admission to camp if communicable illness symptoms are present. In the event your child develops symptoms they must be picked up from camp. Your child must stay home if they are feeling ill.


Medicine Administration
If a participant requires the administration of medicine during program hours parents are instructed that it be sent to camp in the original container labelled with the participant’s name and the exact dosage to be received. Medicine must be given to the staff by parents/guardians and returned to parents/guardians at the end of the day. Epi-pens are the exception. Participants who need an epi-pen should carry it on them at all times. Parents/Guardians must have signed the section of the registration form giving staff permission to administer medication to their children when necessary.

Children with life threatening allergies and their parents have a responsibility to avoid allergens, wear a medical alert bracelet at all times, promptly inform staff as soon as exposure occurs, keep necessary medicines on them at all times, know how to use their medications, provide their own Anaphylaxis kits, and meet with staff and discuss the life threatening allergy in regards to allergic signs, symptoms, treatment, and what precautions need to be taken. Please note: discuss your child’s age-appropriate responsibilities, complete and Anaphylaxis Action Plan, ensure all staff are aware of the allergy in question, ensure that an epi-pen is with your child at all times, an ambulance will be called anytime and epi-pen is administered or when an anaphylactic reaction is suspected.


Nut Free Environment

Participants are asked to bring snacks or lunches that are peanut free. Check lunches and snacks for peanut products to avoid any chance of a reaction.



To ensure an enjoyable, safe, and healthy experience at summer camp we ask that all children adhere to the following behavioural guidelines:


·         Children will respect themselves, camp staff, and other children

·         Children will respect the property of others

·         Children will arrive prepared and on time to summer camp

·         Children will take part in the daily planned activities

·         We have a 0 tolerance hands off policy 

·         Bullying, foul language and put downs will not be tolerated

·         Aggressive behaviour that is threatening to the child, staff or others will not be permitted.

·         Be safe!  Always obey camp rules



Along with these we will work together with the children to develop a list of rules on the first day that will guide behaviour at Summer Camp. Summer Camp leaders will work to facilitate and mediate all discrepancies between children in order to foster a positive camp experience.


Children that do not follow the rules to guide behaviour will be dealt with in the following manner:

·         First instance a warning will be issued; child will talk with staff about the problem behaviour and work on techniques to avoid that behaviour in the future.

·         If the behaviour persists parents will be notified and may be required to pick up their child from Summer Camp.

·         If, after a temporary removal, the behaviour in question continues it will act as the grounds for dismissal from the program. A refund will not be issued.

Depending on the nature of the incident, one or more of the above steps may be excluded.


The following behaviours are considered grounds for immediate removal from BBKCC Summer Camps ( ZERO TOLERANCE):

·         Possession or use of illicit drugs, alcohol, or tobacco

·         Physical or verbal abuse of others

·         Stealing, vandalism, or damage to property

·         Unauthorized absence from the group

Uncooperative attitude or behaviour (we recognize kids have hard days too, we will work with children and asses this on an individual level). 

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