Chase the Ace

Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre & Beaver Bank Kinsac Lions Club
Chase the Ace

Thursdays 6-8PM

Congratulations to February 14th winner, Paullette Soontiens of Beaver Bank,  who drew the Ace of Diamonds and took home $576.25

Jackpot $12875.00

17 Cards left

Tickets: 1 for $5.00, 3 for $10.00 and 7 for $20.00 (must be 19 years of age to purchase)



What is Chase the Ace??
The rules of Chase the Ace are really quite simple!
Drop in and purchase your ticket between 6:00pm and 8:00pm
At 8:15 pm there will be a 50/50 style draw where the winner will take home 25% of that nights proceeds. 50% of the proceeds will go to the house and the other 25% will go into the pot.
The winner of this draw will then get a chance to flip a card from our deck – if they flip the Ace of spades they get the pot!
If they do not flip the ace of spades then the pot remains in play and grows each week!!
So grab some friends and come out Thursdays between 6:00 and 8pm Cash bar and canteen on site!!


Chase the Ace Style Lottery

Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre & the Beaver Bank Kinsac Lions Club

 House Rules

  1. Location, Day, Time of ticket sales and Draw

Draw will take place at: Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre

Draw Day: Thursday

Draw Time:  Approx 8:15 PM

Tickets will be sold between 6:00 PM and 8:00PM

  1. Cost of Tickets
  • Tickets cost: 1 for $5.00, 3 for $10.00 and 7 for $20.00 (must be 19 years of age to purchase)
  • It is the ticket purchasers’ responsibility to check their tickets at the point of purchase. Any and all ticket discrepancies, errors or concerns must be brought forward prior to end time of sales.
  1. Prize Info

50% of the day’s sales will go the Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre & the Beaver Bank Kinsac

Lions Club.

25% will be awarded to the winning ticket holder.

25% will be added to the jackpot that night.

  1. Process

CARDS MUST NOT BE CUT.  Cards are to be shuffled, spread out on the table and mixed sufficiently.  When it’s time for card selection by the ticket winner, the winner puts ONE finger on the selected card.  The coordinator from the organization will then remove all surrounding cards while the ticket winner holds their finger on the card.   Once all surrounding cards have been removed, the selected card will be turned over by the coordinator.

If the Ace of spades is selected, the winner receives the jackpot.  Otherwise, the jackpot amount carries forward to the next draw and the details of the selected card are logged and the card destroyed.  Eliminated cards are kept separate and a list of all cards removed and the cards themselves are available for anyone who wished to view them.

The cards will be displayed in such a manner as to reveal that the Ace of Spades is in the deck (**This must be done before and after the ticket winner selects a card)

The person drawing the ticket, involved in the setup of the cards, selection of any cards or any other approved item for that current draw must not hold a ticket for that draw; this includes the licensee. (Licensee refers to the signatures on the Ticket Lottery Application)

The deck will be secured in a sealed envelope and locked in a safe.

  • The winning number will be announced both verbally and displayed visually.
  • The winning ticket number will be called a minimum of 3 times during a 15 minute time frame.  If no one comes forward in the time frame the winning number will be announced as void and a new number selected.   (Additional time can be approved by the AGFT for larger scale draws with multiple selling venues)
  • In the event of Storms/cancelations. The event will continue as usual on the following Thursday.
  • For promotional purposes, any Chase the Ace prize winner will automatically be deemed to grant the hosting groups, a right to publish, through all types of media broadcasting, including internet, their full name, hometown and photograph without any claim for broadcasting, printing or other rights.   Any winner who is paid a prize also gives the above noted organizers the right to publish any additional information that they voluntarily provide.
  • If tickets are purchased by a third party, all prize money will be awarded to the ticket holder.
  • If the event gets down to 5 cards there will be special night where if the first ticket drawn does not select the Ace of Spades another ticket will be drawn and that person will get a chance to pick the Ace of Spades, this will continue until the Ace of Spades is drawn.  Only the first ticket selected will receive the 25% of the night’s sales, the others will just have a chance at the jackpot.